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Adaptation - Book to comic to film to game

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

7pm, 23 October

Storysmiths, £8

Can a stream of consciousness novel be adapted into a thrilling film? Can graphic novel characters be imported into a novel? Can you make a video game of Pride and Prejudice?

Join our panel of experts as they talk you through what skills and techniques are needed to adapt a work from one format to another, maybe even one genre to another. Bring your notebooks and learn from masters of the craft.

Hosted by Timon Singh.

The panel would be very happy to sign books at the end of the discussion.


Cheryl Morgan is an award-winning critic and editor. She owns Wizard's Tower Press, which publishes anthologies by local writers. Cheryl is regularly invited to give talks on science fiction. In the past year she has given a keynote speech at an academic conference in Graz, Austria; has been a Guest of Honour at the Finnish National Science Fiction Convention; and has delivered a talk on the Prehistory of Robotics at the World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin. You can find her on Twitter as @CherylMorgan or read her blog, Cheryl's Mewsings.

Timon Singh is the Campaigns Manager (Marketing, Communications and Audiences) for Film Hub South West helping to market new releases for the BFI’s Film Audience Network. He also runs the Bristol Bad Film Club, a monthly genre film night in the city, is a regular contributor to The Cosmic Shed podcast (voted one of The Guardian's favourite podcasts of 2018) and wrote the book Born To Be Bad: Talking to the greatest villains in action cinema where he interviewed the actors behind some of the greatest movie bad guys.

Stephen Volk, a BAFTA-winning writer, is best known for BBCTV’s notorious "Halloween hoax" Ghostwatch and the ITV drama series Afterlife starring Andrew Lincoln and Lesley Sharp. His screenplays include The Awakening and Gothic, but along the way he has adapted such books as James Herbert’s Haunted, John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids, John Masefield’s Box of Delights, and Phil Rickman’s Midwinter of the Spirit as a three-part miniseries for ITV. He is also author of several short story collections including The Parts We Play and The Dark Masters Trilogy. He is presently writing a new TV adaptation of Jekyll & Hyde.

Cavan Scott is an author and comic book writer. He is a UK number one bestseller who has written for such popular worlds as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Vikings, Judge Dredd, Pacific Rim, and Sherlock Holmes. He is the author of Star Wars Dooku: Jedi Lost, The Patchwork Devil, and Cry of the Innocents, and is part of Lucasfilm’s Project Luminous publishing initiative. He has written comics for IDW, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Titan, Legendary, 2000AD, and the Beano. A former magazine editor, Cavan lives in Bristol with his wife and daughters. His lifelong passions include classic scary movies, folklore, audio drama, the music of David Bowie, and walking. He owns far too many action figures.

Jonathan L Howard worked as a scriptwriter and video game writer in the 1990s, including writing credits on the highly successful Broken Sword series of video games. His first novel, Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, was published in 2009. Today he lives with his wife and daughter near Bristol.


Address: Storysmiths, 49 North St, Bristol, BS3 1EN

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