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BristolCon: Bristol's annual science fiction and fantasy convention

10am, 26 October

DoubleTree Hilton, £25

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BristolCon is a one-day science fiction and fantasy convention organized by the BristolCon Foundation, a charitable foundation set up to support and promote speculative fiction writing, art and related activities in the South West.

The convention was created in 2009 by members of the Bristol Fantasy & SF Society, and has since become renowned as a fun, friendly and informative addition to the UK’s convention calendar.

Every year we feature panel discussions and lectures, an art show and small group sessions including kaffeklatsches and workshops. Books, comics and merchandise are available in the dealers’ room and authors will be available for book signings. There’s also a games room and a ‘brick-out’ space (a cafe-style area with lego to play with). A variety of entertainment is offered in the evening.

Guests of honour include authors Diane Duane and Gareth L. Powell and artist Andy Bigwood.


Address: Doubletree Hilton, Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6NJ

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