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Fire: North Bristol Writers

(c) Dmitriy -

7pm, 24 October

The Forge, £8

Fire. It warms us, it cleanses and sterilises, it destroys. We try to control fire; sometimes we fail.

North Bristol Writers invite you to an evening of tales that explore the human side of that most mystifying of elements. To gaze into the flames and see what they reveal.

Hosted at The Forge, a beautiful historic venue at the heart of Bristol’s art quarter, which once rang to the sound of the blacksmith’s hammer, this event follows the group's sell-out events from previous years (Tales from the Graveyard (2017), Suspension (2018).

There will also be a chance to purchase the group’s published books, including their latest anthology Tales from the Graveyard and works by individual members.

Find out more about the group and its members at

Additional information

Note there is no parking at the venue. Some street parking may be available. The nearest multi-storey car park is Trenchard Street


Address: The Forge, Colston Yard, off Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5BD.

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