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Hidden Gems

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

7pm, Saturday 24 October

Online, Free

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From landmine-sniffing rats to the mysterious ‘red gene’... Bristol novelists Ali Bacon, Jean Burnett, Kerry Postle and Heather Child share the three most amazing things they found out while researching their books. Delve into the secrets of famous Italian artists, the birth of photography, the Spanish Civil War and some astonishing quantum physics. You are sure to learn something new!

Ali Bacon was born in Scotland but moved to Bristol in the 1970s. Her contemporary novel A Kettle Of Fish, was published in 2013 by Thornberry Publishing. In The Blink Of An Eye, inspired by the work of a Scottish artist and photographer, is her first work of historical fiction and was published in 2018 by Linen Press. She also writes short fiction and has read at Talking Tales (Bristol), Stroud Short Stories and Story Friday in Bath. You can find Ali’s books here.

Heather Child is a Bristol-based author whose most recent novel is The Undoing Of Arlo Knott (Orbit, 2019) about a man who develops the mysterious ability to reverse his last action. Her debut novel Everything About You (Orbit, 2018) is about a woman whose virtual assistant has taken on the personality of her missing sister. It knows everything about her and can give her whatever she desires. Heather’s books are available here.

Kerry Postle is published by HQDigitalUK HarperCollins and has written two works of historical fiction. The first entitled The Artist’s Muse, a novel about the stormy relationship between Egon Schiele and Wally Neuzil, was published as an eBook in 2017; the second, A Forbidden Love, a novel set during the Spanish Civil War, came out as an eBook in April 2019, and will come out in paperback this June. She is currently working on a third novel about the Renaissance artist Raphael to be called The Woman in the Painting. Kerry’s books are available here.

Jean Burnett studied at Exeter and Cardiff Universities and, after her marriage, lived in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Here in Bristol she has taught creative writing and worked as a journalist and advertising copywriter. Following a year off to see the world, she published the travel book Vagabond Shoes, which won the book prize at Winchester Writers’ Conference. Her novel, Who Needs Mr. Darcy? was published in 2012 by Little, Brown. She is currently writing a sequel and also has a historical novel looking for a home. Jean’s books are available here.

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